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Microgravity experiments proposals requested for Drop Your Thesis! 2016

on 04 September 2015

Romanian students are invited to submit their experiment proposal for the eighth Drop Your Thesis! (DYT) campaign, which will take place between October - November 2016 and will offer the participants an opportunity to perform a microgravity related experiment using the the 146 m high ZARM Drop Tower Facility in Bremen, Germany, one of the most advanced research centres of its kind in Europe. Applications for DYT 2016 are open until 18 January 2016.

Following the proposal submission, one team of up to four bachelor, master or PhD students will be selected to conduct their microgravity experiment. The experiment proposal should focus on the scientific and/or technological objectives of the project - what the teams intend to investigate and why - and on the technical details that explain how they are going to implement their experiment. 

The proposals received will be evaluated by an expert review board which will select the winning team.

The team selected to participate in DYT 2016 will be supported by ESA's Education Office and ZARM engineers and will get the opportunity to be mentored by a member of the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA). The ESA Education Office will provide financial support to cover part of the campaign costs (travel and accommodation, and hardware for the experiment development). In addition, the programme will enable participants to develop important practical skills, as well as learning about project management, problem solving, development and testing of hardware/software.

Instructions on how to apply are available here. For further information please send an e-mail to: dropyourthesis @

An overview of the DYT programme can be found here.

Image credit: Peter Gorges