Romanian student designed the first patch in the history of the Master of Space Studies at ISU

on 09 July 2015

Florin-Cristian Lazăr, Romanian student and employee of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) proposed and designed the first patch model in the history of the Master of Space Studies (MSU) at the International Space University (ISU). The patch is representative for the ISU Masters Class of 2014-2015 (MSS15) where the Romanian student is enrolled in.

“The idea came when I realized that all the space missions are assigned a customized patch model, especially for human spaceflights, which portrays the importance and desire of space exploration, and marks the event in history. The same principle was the driver for me to create and start an ISU-legacy for the upcoming Master classes, which will have the duty to carry on the tradition annuall”
, said Florin-Cristian Lazăr. 

The MSS15 patch model was officially unveiled during the visit of Board of Trustees (BoT) and Academic Council of ISU, in 26 February 2015. The patch was extremely appreciated amongst students, professors, and ISU staff. The image was taken during the patch inauguration, with Juan de Dalmau (left), Cristian Lazăr (center), and Chris Sallaberger - Chairman of BoT (in the right side).

The MSS15 Patch model illustrates the two annual, unique Team Projects: ‘Interstellar Travel’ which is represented by a worldship launching to carry humans over many generations to other star systems, and the dawn of a new ‘Global Water Initiative’ which raises awareness about the valuable and limited resource of water on our fragile planet. In the center of the patch, the three white stars depict symbolise the philosophy of ISU, and the flags around the patch represent the nationalities of the enrolled MSS15 students’ who contributed in bringing ISU closer to space.

Image credit: the International Space University