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POS-CCE Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Romanian Space Agency

PROJECT TITLE: POS - CCE - Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Romanian Space Agency


Partners: -

Period: 9 months

Project Director: Dr. Phys. Marius Ioan PISO


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Name of the Operational Programme - Sectoral Operational Programme for Increase of the Economic Competitiveness Priority Axis 2. Competitiveness through Research, Technological Development and Innovation; Area of intervention 2.2. RDI investments in infrastructure and development of the administrative capacity; Operation 2.2.4. Strengthening the administrative capacity.

Project objectives:

General Objective: To strengthen the administrative capacity of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) for increased performance in research and for enhancing the international cooperation
Specific objective 1: Strengthening the institutional and project management capacity of ROSA
Specific Objective 2: To develop documents required to access financial instruments


Activity 1. Consultancy on improving the institutional management.

  • During this activity ROSA will purchase legal advice services for the protection of intellectual property rights on the results of research, development and innovation obtained within the institution.

Activity 2. Advice regarding the access to financial instruments.

  • During this activity ROSA will purchase consultancy services for the identification of suitable financial instruments and for preparing to access them. This also applies to both financial instruments that allow the financing of RDI activities and financial instruments that enable the development of existing R & D infrastructure and creating new infrastructure (particularly the IT&C infrastructure).

Activity 3. Purchase of tangible and intangible goods and inventory objects to improve the institution maganement (IT and communications equipment, licenses, software, management software etc.).
The purpose of the activity is to strengthen institutional and project management capacity by purchasing the necessary equipment to allow (a) telephony and teleconferencing application deployment on IP support for:

  • communication with domestic and international partners
  • development of IT internal network
  • increase of IT equipping
  • increase of data security in the internal networks
  • implementing an Enterprise Resouce Planning (ERP) applicatiom
  • implementing a "document management" application

Activity 4. Information and publicity regarding the project
Implementation involves the following activities:

  • publication of a notice in a regional newspaper the start of the project
  • project presentation website
  • making labels (for labeling of all goods purchased under the project)
  • publication of a press release in a regional newspaper on completion of the project

Activity 5. Project Management
Project management is ensured by a team of 6 people. To implement the project the team will perform the following:

  • preparing the necessary documents for carrying out procurement procedures
  • coordinates the procedures for public procurement
  • menus procurement contracts and monitor contractors to achieve results within the planned schedule
  • reports the status of the project
  • work for scheduling activities, final report, ad hoc report etc.

Activity 6. The financial audit

  • Implementation of this activity involves obtaining financial audit report and audit certificate.


Project page: POS-CCE