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PROJECT TITLE: MUTER - Applications and utilities for monitoring land use using geospatial data and technologies

Coordinator: ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency


  • National Meteorological Administration (NMA)
  • Advanced Studies and Research Center (ASRC)
  • National Research Institute Delta (INCDD)
  • National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Environment Protection (ICPA)
  • Forest Research and Management Institute (ICAS)
  • Romanian Center for Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture (CRUTA)

Period: 2008 - 2011

Project manager:


One of the main objectives of GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) is to provide timely and effective services to support the environmental monitoring and security, as required by the political programs in this field.
Monitoring land use is a complex task given the resources involved and the demands coming from different areas: soil, water, agriculture, forests, ecology, energy and utilities, urban development, recreation, transport and communications infrastructure.

In this respect, MUTER aims to create a prototype service for monitoring land use taking into account the requirements for integrating such services of this type of national services with similar European services. To achieve this goal the most technically mature resources will be used to create basic services and to create conditions for the development of derived services for monitoring land use, according to the specific requirements identified at the national level and at the user or applications level.

Project objectives:

The primary objective. The overall objective of the project is to conduct the necessary research and development activities for gradually achieving a scientific, technological and socio-economic state where the necessary information for coverage and land use, as required in the various policies, are constantly updated and accessible.

Specific objectives. The specific objectives for achieving the overall objective are:

  • to select and develop the most appropriate procedures for the permanent collection and analysis of user requirements in order to facilitate the design, implementation and validation of basic services relevant for monitoring land use;
  • to provide the tools and services needed to manage spatial remote sensing data or data collected in the field and ancillary data required to generate information about coverage and land use, as they are required for users who implement policies related to land use monitoring;
  • the design, implementation and demonstration of sub-internal and external services and their interoperable interfaces, which allow the development of basic services based on flexible architectures, focused on these sub-services.


In order to achieve the project's purpose, the research and development will be done in several steps:

  • Phase I Requirements analysis and definition
  • Stage II System design
  • Stage III Prototype
  • Stage IV Validation and consolidation of the service


Project webpage: MUTER