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HT-RIM - High Technology

PROJECT TITLE: HT-RIM — High Technology — Romanian Innovation Market — Collaborative space for trading knowledge and skills in research and development

Coordinator: ROSA - Romanian Space Agency


  • "Polytechnic" University of Bucharest - Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

Period: 36 months (October 2008 - September 2011)

Project Director: Gabriel Viorel MANCIU


The project aims at building a collaborative space (collaborative platform) for valuing all products of research and development in the Romanian economic market. This collaborative space will be built as a true market for trading and presenting of intangible assets. There will be some communities on specific thematic areas, centers of expertise that can deliver concrete solutions to concrete problems. There will be the opportunity to create partnerships to create a new product, to manage these partnerships, as it would be true technological start-ups.

The dynamics generated by this large innovation market will allow a very fast valorisation of the results of research and development. The collaborative platform will develop research activities through specific and organized mechanisms for trading of intellectual products, generating positive effects such as:

  • acceleration and stimulation of innovation;
  • attracting young people to the processes and research programs;
  • High valorisation of the products of research;
  • profitable research using multiple research products;

This market will allow the immediate anchoring of the Romanian research and development in a global context and a much better financial valuation of intangible products of the Romanian economy.

Project objectives:

  • To set participants and to define the research community
  • To set the definitions and rules of the virtual space research market
  • To set the functional procedures for the virtual space research market
  • To set rules and mechanisms of correlation with financial value
  • To establish the organizational structures of the virtual space research market
  • To design the collaborative space for trading knowledge and skills in research in space
  • Development of the experimental model for research in space
  • Expanding the prototype. Dissemination of results.


  • Activity I.1 Project organization: identification of potential participants in the virtual market; identifying the features of the research communities
  • Activity II.1 Establishing a set of definitions and rules for the virtual market
  • Activity III.1 Establishing the functional procedures for the virtual market
  • Activity III.2 Identifying and defining research products that can be traded within the collaborative space (competencies, patents, experiences, best practices, methodologies, research projects, partnerships rights etc.)
  • Activity III.3 Definition of copyright control rules/property (ownership)
  • Activity IV.1 Establishing correlation standards and mechanisms with financial value
  • Activity V.1 Defining the participating research communities
  • Activity V.2 Establishing the types of electronic documents which contain knowledge and will be loaded into the system
  • Activity V.3 tasks Defining the tasks of various participants in the trading of research results - broker, administrator, board, users
  • Activity VI.1 Establishment and validation of desing rules (communities, processes, types of documents, workflows)
  • Activity VI.2 System configuration within the SPID collaborative platform
  • Activity VI.3 System Configuration Validation
  • Activity VII.1 Prototype Configuration
  • Activity VII.2 Data lloading
  • Activity VII.3 Demonstration of the prototype operability
  • Activity VIII.1 Achievement of agreements regarding the use of collaborative space in a wide network of research
  • Activity VIII.2 Extension of system use in a partnership network
  • Activity VIII.3 Validation of the knowledge management system's scalability
  • Activity VIII.4 Dissemination, participation in conferences and drafting articles for the dissemination of results


Project webpage: HT-RIM - High Technology