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PROJECT TITLE: AGEO - Astro-geodetic platform for high accuracy geoid determination 

Coordinator: Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Faculty of Geodesy (


  • Geogis Proiect S.R.L.
  • Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy

Period: 29.11.2013 – 29.11.2015

Project Director: Octavian Badescu

Description: Geoid determination and/or validation by astro-geodetic measurements 

Project objectives:

  • Developing a rigorous mathematical algorithm for astro–geodetic determinations of vertical deviation
  • Designing and testing a cheap, easy to use and a precise mobile observing platform for astro–geodetic determinations of vertical deviation
  • Automation of vertical deviation determination by astro–geodetic measurements, the observing platform being able to provide real time vertical deviation at a satisfactory precision. This objective consists in implementing the mathematical algorithm into dedicated software for astronomical observations guidance, analyzing and controlling.
  • Astro–geodetic, GNSS and levelling observations / measurements over a testing area: i) vertical deviation determinations by astro–geodetic method using the developed observing platform, ii) GNSS measurements of ellipsoidal heights and geometric leveling measurements of orthometric (or normal) heights from which the separation (undulation) between geoid and reference ellipsoid are extracted.
  • Comparisons between geoid-ellipsoid separations obtained by measurements (astro-geodetic versus GNSS-leveling); comparisons between geoid-ellipsoid separations obtained by measurements (astro-geodetic leveling) and global geoid models (in special GOCE and EGM-Earth Gravitational Model). Precision and accuracy evaluation of the astro-geodetic measurements effectuated with the mobile platform. Standardization of the technology for astro-geodetic measurement by mobile platform. Results dissemination.


  • Project strategy elaboration, equipment acquisition
  • Technical study, design and technological development of the mobile platform for astro-geodetic vertical deviation determination
  • Astro-geodetic mobile platform testing


Project webpage: AGEO