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PROJECT TITLE: ACCCIN - Innovation Accelerator - Organizing a knowledge and skills management system for research and development projects in a company or institution

Coordinator: ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency


Period: 36 months (October 2007 - October 2010)

Project Director: Gabriel Viorel MANCIU


The project aims to create within an enterprise or institution a dynamic system in which each intangible product (research, expertise, information, knowledge, competence etc.) may be valued at a maximum, by tying them to a practical context of use (for which purpose is it best used, in which process is it best, which are the producer communities of this immaterial and which are the communities that use it the most etc.).

The objective of achieving such a knowledge management system is valuing research skills and knowledge, creating an interactive environment in which research results to find fruition, thereby increasing the competitiveness of research.

Information and knowledge management will have positive effects in improving employee productivity. The ability to get, through a computer system, systematized information, classified on areas and qualitatively evaluated will undoubtedly lead to an increase in employee productivity, even only by reducing the search time of the relevant information. The implementation of a knowledge management system will lead to a better use of the human factor and to an increased prestige in relation to external partners with whom it will collaborate in order to integrate the research activity to partnerships and European programs.


The research knowledge and skills management system has the following objectives:

  • to build a structure of information and knowledge in electronic format, classified in different areas / interest domains, in order to optimize the time and cost of accessing relevant and necessary information, necessary for various activities of the organization;
  • to determine the areas of interest depending on which it will be made the classification and search of the library documents
  • identification, analysis and consolidation of the various sources of information and documentation and of the best ways to supply the each area of the virtual library
  • to set officers on each area and their role in the construction and management of the virtual library;
  • to establish a mechanism of motivation, to help stimulate the involvement of staff and collaborators and partners in supplying the virtual library;
  • to set he modalities of integration and cooperation with other virtual libraries belonging to research&development institutions - partner or future partner.


Phase I (December 2007): Establishing definitions, rules and functional procedures of the knowledge management system 
Phase II (June 2008): Definition of organizational structures components of the knowledge management system
Phase III (January 2009): Design of the knowledge management system
Stage IV (October 2009): Development of experimental model - prototype configuration
Stage V (February 2010): Development of experimental model - loading data and demonstrating operability 
Stage VI (September 2010): Extending the prototype - dissemination of the results 

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