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PROJECT TITLE: GRIDCERT - Methods of data management and communication using GRID infrastructures based on technology and digital certificates




Project director:


The project aims to implement an efficient information system for efficient management of digital certificates for scientific and societal applications. The proposed project aims to identify security requirements specific for GRID infrastructures and to present complete protection solutions based on digital certificates and PKI technologies.

Special emphasis will be placed on ensuring interoperability between organizations and with the certification services providers that exist nationally and internationally.

It is known that EuGRIDPMA policy in certificate issuing is in line with IGTF (International Grid Trust Federation) and it does not allow the use of their trade area. The project aims to consolidate the experience and expertise of TRANSSPED and ROSA in implementing pilot solutions based on various case studies. The common denominator of the two "branches" of certification (academic by RomanianGRID CA - ROSA and commercial by TrustCenter-Transsped) is the PKI technology.

Project objectives:


  • Studies on GRID infrastructure security requirements 
  • Comparative studies on interoperability of certification systems
  • Study and development of the GRID aplicational prototype model making
  • Making the proposed solution for GRID Communications
  • GRIDCERT prototype implementation for different case studies
  • Presentation and demonstration of GRIDSEC prototype functionality through specific applications


Project website: