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PROJECT TITLE: Self-care information system for online assistance of urban road users - routing and prediction



  • ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency
  • IPA
  • UPB - Polytechnic University of Bucharest


Project director: 

Description: The SIARP project aims at the development and implementation of an information system with prediction and selfcare, able to provide road users online assistance for choosing the optimal route between two or more locations within a geographic region (metropolitan/city, county, across the country). The user is the one who will choose the criteria: minimum time, minimum distance, road type, attaining certain objectives during the route etc.

Compared to the current navigation systems - the proposed system is characterized as follows:

  • is a dynamic system in which the parameters that define the road traffic (volume, occupancy, speed) change over time, requiring a methodology to determine the influence of each factor on the estimated travel time.
  • is a self-care system (expert system - ES or Knowledge Based System-KBS), field of artificial intelligence which dynamically corrects its mathematical probabilistic model that is implemented, based on the input data set;
  • is a predictive system - using mathematical models, probabilistic network type, to generate representations of system behavior in a space of possible states and then to use these representations for prediction and diagnosis;
  • is based on a GIS expert who is associated both to spatial databases and the characteristic attributes of objects.

Project objectives:


  • Technical study - Analysis of global context. Functional and performance analysis. Data acquisition and postprocessing
  • Technical specifications and development project. Data acquisition and postprocessing. Vector mapping and static graph of Bucharest and Ilfov County
  • Implementation of software subsystems and databases. - Data acquisition and development of vector maps
  • Development of testing methodology and testing programs (operators simulators). Testing the integrated system. Debugging, system acceptance. Data acquisition and development of vector maps
  • Study on exploitation in the future. Demonstration of functionality and utility; Acceptance.


Project page: SIARP