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PROJECT TITLE: KEEV —Kinetic and Experimental investigation of the Earth's and Venus's plasma layers 

Coordinator: Institute of Space Science, Bucharest


  • The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB), Brussels
  • Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE), Garching


Project Director:


The mission will be focusing on the study of fundamental dynamics of space plasmas at the interface between different plasma regimes and will benefit from the Romanian expertise gained in the field of kinetic modeling and advanced methods of experimental data analysis acquired within the Cluster project. Furthermore this project will enable a comparative study of boundary layers formed in two different plasma environments: the Earth’s magnetosphere confined by the strong geomagnetic field and the ionosphere of Venus depleted of its own magnetic field. Both plasma systems interact with the solar wind whose density and velocity significantly vary with radial distance from the sun.

Project objectives:

This project is aiming at contributing to the development of Romanian knowledge in the field of planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres and their interaction with the solar wind.



Project webpage: