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PROJECT TITLE: CFS - Growth and Survival of Coloured Fungi in Space

Coordinator: Institute of Space Science



Project Director:

Description: ESA Mission - ISS SURE

These two Romanian experiments have been selected by the SURE Selection Boards for implementation în the SURE project (Part B being on hold). Latest status report on the SURE project îs provided to HME-SBD at its meeting on 30-31 October 2006. The access to the ISS will be funded by EC (în the frame of SURE), the experiment development will funded by România (în the frame of PECS).

Project objectives:

This project aims to assess the effects of both microgravity and gamma radiation conditions on the survival of a number of different fungal species. It will provide insights into the effects of space travel on the survival of these spores and help determine the potenţial model to be used during transportation from Earth to space and potentially to planetary systems. The project hâş two main components, one involving the culturing of fungal species on agar surfaces inside the ISS (Part A of the project) and a second component involving the exposition of fungal spores to the space environment including vacuum, cosmic radiation and solar ultraviolet, with connection to planetary protection.



Project webpage: