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PROJECT TITLE: FAO TCP/ROM/2801 — Land Cover/Land Use Inventory by Remote Sensing for the Agricultural Reform

Coordinator: ROSA - Romanian Space Agency


  • CRUTA - Romanian Center for Remote Sensing in Agriculture
  • Institute of Pedology and Agrochemistry - ICPA
  • Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy - IGAR
  • Spiru Haret University, Faculty of Geography

Period: (18 months) May 2002 - November 2004

Project Directorr (National): Alexandru Badea, CRUTA / ROSA


Project objectives:

  • To provide the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry an accurate database, on agricultural land across the country, including details about land/land cover maps and large-scale information about particular areas of agricultural interest.
  • To increase the capability in the field of remote sensing of CRUTA's staff and other groups from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in order to apply at a national level the internationally recognized technologies on remote sensing mapping and GIS technologies.
  • To transfer the know-how to the staff appointed, on practical applications of optical high-resolution remote sensing, GIS and LCCS methodologies, which will be done formal and through training during the production.

The success of these objectives will create the information about balance use and land cover, alongside soil characteristics, which are necessary for the country (Romania) to prepare and implement agricultural development plans, including the criteria for consolidation of the soil. The project will be an additional source of data for  the cadastre project of the World Bank within ONCGC (National Office of Cadastre, Geodesy and Cartography) and will also be an important support for agricultural planning, under the coordination of INS (Institutul Naţional de staistica-National Institute of Statistics). The coordination will begin in late 2002 and the project is expected to achieve the first TCP land use maps for the INS.

  • The overall objective of the project is to increase agricultural production based on essential data, at a medium scale, regarding the redistribution of land and agricultural planning process, appropriate to local conditions.


  • 17-29 June 2002 - Training course "Digital image processing/GIS software" (16 RS / GIS staff from the institutions involved in the project);
  • 8-19 July 2002 - Training course "Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) Methodology and Software" (17 RS / GIS staff from the institutions involved in the project);
  • Images revising
  • Technical backstopping Officer visits:
  • 13-23 May 2002 - Inception Mission
  • 3-11 October 2002 - second visit - teamwork for satellite data interpretation
  • Mapping of cover and land use (scale 1:50 000) with interpretation of satellite data (Landsat)


Project webpage: FAO TCP / ROM / 2801 - Land Cover / Land Use by Remote Sensing Inventory for the Agricultural Reform