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TITLU PROIECT: GISHEO — On Demand Grid Services for High Education and Training in Earth Observation

Coordonator: West University of Timisoara — UVT

Parteneri: ROSA RC — Romanian Space Agency Research Centre


Project Director:


The project aims at setting-up and development of a reliable resource for knowledge and associated instruments for higher education and training, using existing distributed information on Earth observation and Grid technology. This will enable higher exploitation of the potential of ESA database information and synergies orientated towards education and training in Earth observation.

Project objectives:

The specific technical objectives of the project are to:

  • Set-up and organize a virtual organization (VO) based on Grid technology for education, training and knowledge dissemination for Earth observation (EO) and related activities, with a focus on higher exploitation of the potential that ESA database has;
  • Development of specific instruments dedicated to on-demand services for education activities based on Earth observation information;
  • Facilitate specific access for the academic and scientific community to on-demand services related to specific applications using ESA database and facilitate synergies;
  • Correlation and harmonization of resources with specific ESA projects dedicated to on demand services for earth observation (GPOD).



Project webpage: GISHEO